County Referral Hospital in Western Kenya

The Fortis team is proud to be part of the team that played a major role in transforming a county referral facility in Western Kenya. The hospital is a level 5 facility serves as a referral facility to a population of more than 1,375,063 county citizens. The facility was Fortis’ maiden client that took up Sanitas HMIS and they played a big role in shaping up & bringing the system to its maturity by sharing the initial core requirements. The Fortis worked closely with a team of healthcare professionals & staff in the facility in crafting a system that would provide the best user experience that matches the hospital processes in an African context. Upon the system go-live the teams in the facility witnessed an improvement in operations such as records management, automation of mundane tasks such as report generation & improved accountability in supplies consumption and revenue.
County Referral Hospital in Western Kenya Case Study