NGO Franchise Clinic Chain in Africa

The NGO franchise clinic chain is a social franchise healthcare network headquartered in Kenya with over 600 facilities across Africa. Thier core focus is to empower healthcare providers that serve the bottom of the pyramid to improve the quality of care hence better outcomes. They achieve this by providing training, business support, outreach, supplies and equipment.

Our journey with this institution began mid 2016 and this was necessitated by the fact that PSI needed a more efficient way of monitoring & evaluating the franchisees in their network. Besides that, it was also in their best interest to improve the day to day operations of the franchisees by proven modern methods of automating information management in healthcare facilities. To be able to make prompt & clear cut impactful decisions the PSI needed a system that would aggregate and relay information from the facilities to one central data repository in real time, on demand or at scheduled periods. The Fortis team together with the PS team in conjunction with the franchisees held various intensive workshops with the goal of defining a clear & robust implementation strategy that would ensure successful rollout of the Sanitas HMIS across their network. In 2017 we began the rollout in Malawi, Uganda & Finally Kenya in 2018. To date we have digitzed over 50 franchisees in the network. The feedback from the franchisees all across the country has been positive - all the franchisees share one view, that they are able to focus more on giving care and worry less about the mundane tasks that have since been automated. The PSI team is also elated by the speed at which they are able to get the data they need with less human intervention.

County Referral Hospital in Western Kenya Case Study