Introducing Sanitas Survey


Sanitas Survey by Fortis is a product that enables you to automatically get insights on the efficiency of your services based on the clients that you serve.



Healthcare facilities are aware that customer satisfaction is the most important asset they have. However, gathering feedback from patients on a regular basis is not always seen as a priority, sometimes because no one is quite sure how to do it. Sometimes, the customer is left with the option of having to draft a letter and put it into the suggestion box. On most occasions, this will always be a very disgruntled or a very happy customer. With this approach it will be hard to measure what's working and what's not so as to have a clear cut focus on the core areas that need to be improved.

We have observed these challenges for a while and for this reason we decided to introduce a new innovative survey feature in sanitas that is efficient and measurable that will enable you to get to know what customers think about your organization. Information gathered from customer satisfaction surveys provides valuable insight for your organization to stay relevant and to understand your customer needs and wants. As you are aware, it costs more money to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. It makes sense to retain customers and build a loyal relationship with them so that not only do they return to purchase from you, rather than a competitor, but they become advocates of your brand.

How it Works


This process first starts by configuring your survey questions and linking them up to the various aspects that you want to measure. The aspects could be items such as nursing services, billing, doctors services, diagnostics etc. The system will then automatically check for customers that received services from your facilities and send survey messages to customers via a short text message (SMS). Note that the patient will only be asked survey questions based on the sections that they visited. In case the patient didn't go to the lab section or X-Ray department, they will not be asked any question that is linked to those sections. With this, you will have the trust of the customer's feedback. The SMS sent to the customer contains a browser URL to your survey page. Please note that each customer that receives the survey request message will have their own unique link to your survey questions page. For this reason they won't have to identify themselves again. With this approach we are able to map the specific customer that responded to a specific patient visit survey. Also, note that once a link to a specific survey is submitted, it can not be used to provide another feedback hence you can rest assured that the feedback provided is authentic. Sanitas provides various dashboards and views to help you analyze the feedback to the feedback from the survey and they are as follows:


  1. Patient Feedback Summary
    This is a list view containing the list of feedback questions and responses from each and every customer that responded to your survey. It also contains the following information.
    1. Patient details such as name, patient number & gender
    2. Visit details such as visit type, visit number and visit date
    3. The list of staff that attended to the patient on various sectionsr
  2. Survey Summary Dashboard Report
    This gives a high level graphical summary of how the various aspects of your facilities measure based on the feedback provided by the customers.
  3. Patient Survey Insights
    This is a graphical dashboard that showcases how customers responded to each question that had optional choices in your survey.

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