At Fortis, we believe in creating INTUITIVE, INTELLIGENT and INTEGRATED healthcare ecosystem for health care professionals to improve healthcare outcomes. We are passionate about improving patient care and profitability of every facility that uses the Sanitas platform. Every investment, action, effort, innovation and creativity are always directed towards these two vital goals.

Here's is Our Brief Background

Headquartered in Nairobi, Fortis Innovations provides superior software development services for a variety of clients ranging from private based organizations, non-governmental organizations and government agencies. Fortis was formally incorporated in 2011 and from the outset had the vision of creating and maintaining innovative solutions that aid organizations to leverage technology, to attain long and short term objectives with bottom line impact. Our model primarily focuses on automating and integrating the daily healthcare service operations provided by the players in the health sector. We do this by bringing digital health into the value chains that serve the consumers daily through Sanitas, our bespoke Healthcare Management Information System (HMIS). Sanitas not only provides an opportunity for hospitals to enhance their patient care but also guarantees increased profitability of the health facility. The guaranteed ROI coupled with enhanced image and a competitive advantage of the hospital and also act as drivers for healthcare providers to invest in the HMIS that will keep all the stakeholders in tune with the operations of the organization. We've designed and developed Sanitas™ to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals. The HMIS is conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience both in the healthcare industry and the information technology industry.

This is What We Do

Fortis Innovations, as a healthcare IT solutions partner is committed to preparing hospitals to meet future challenges – and enhance their service offering to patients, referral sources and staff by means of a standardized Hospital Management Information System (Sanitas™). Leveraging upon a dedicated healthcare practice group, Fortis Innovations has developed Sanitas – a next generation healthcare platform that is powerful, flexible and intuitive. Sanitas is a Health Facility Management Software that transforms a healthcare facility (regardless of its size) from a paper-based operation to a paperless operation, thus providing tangible benefits such as marked increase in revenue collection, enhanced patient care experience, superior reporting on operations and measurable expense reduction.

The system incorporates the best healthcare practices and is designed to deliver key tangible results to clients across the globe. Sanitas HMIS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability, while maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies and quality processes.

Our Sustainable Competitive Advantages


We connect every dot that we see today and plan for the unexpected. The challenge was to build a single platform that fits any kind of healthcare facility. We have managed to overcome this by automating our internal process and configuration management in such a way that the facility themselves are able to join pieces to gather and build the workflow they need. This is a great achievement so far and we continue to improve on the automation. There has never been a HIS who built system like LEGO Blocks where you have a great choice of configurability.

Our customers are our inspirations and they love what we do and that encourages us to do more and build something better than what we did yesterday. Whatever new addition or improvement that we build, all our customers get it without paying anything extra. Our promise to all our existing clients is that they get the latest version of our application that we expect to sell to a new customer.



To create digital health platform enables healthcare institutions to deliver more convenient care to their patients resulting in better outcomes, reduced cost, and improved revenue.


At Fortis, we’re on a mission to empower healthcare instituions in delivering quality care while maximazing returns by laveragig on technology. We’re on a mission to improve healthcare delivery.


With integrity, great responsibility and love, we create affordable software solutions for the healthcare ecosystem.

The Values We Live By



We are devoted to our customers’ success.


We innovate, iterate and automate, measuring relentlessly.


We believe in the power of communication, and have open, direct, respectful conversations.


We agree or disagree, then we unite and commit.


We face challenges together with optimism.

We’re Revolutionizing Healthcare. Let's Collaborate!

We collaborate. We innovate. Together, we change the game.

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